LPKY Transparency: Meeting Minutes

This page has links to the meeting minutes of the State Party Executive Committee, and in the future will have minutes from affiliates that choose to make them available.  Minutes will be uploaded after they approved at the meeting that follows.  If audio is available of the meeting, it is also uploaded after minutes are approved.

Libertarian Party of Kentucky Documents:

Convention Minutes:



Meeting Minutes

2017 Meeting Minutes:

17_LPKY ExCom 05_07_17

17_LPKY ExCom 05_17_17

17_LPKY ExCom 05_31_17

17_LPKY ExCom 06_14_17

17_LPKY ExCom 6_21_17-approved

17_LPKY ExCom 06_25_17-Signed

17_LPKY ExCom 07_13_17-Signed

2016 Meeting Minutes:

16_LPKY ExCom 01_05_16

16_LPKY ExCom 05_15_16

16_LPKY ExCom 07_31_16

16_LPKY ExCom 12_04_16

2015 Meeting Minutes:

15_LPKY ExCom 4_26_15

15_LPKY ExCom 4_29_15

15_LPKY ExCom 07_07_15

15_LPKY ExCom 11_03_15